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A wonderful weekend of Competition at The United States Pro/ Am Ballroom Dance Championships in Louisville at the Gault House. Blair"s Ballroom won TOP STUDIO!!! My Students were Awesome!  Lucas Glietz won Top Male Jr and the Mr Gentleman Award. Also the award for Top AM couple went to Lucas and Amanda Robinette. Top Female Jr was given to Mckenzie Ballard. Aki Nagakura won Top Solo! James Odell and David Craven were both Crowned Mr Gentleman in their age category. All three of my girls were crowned Ms Elegance in their age category, congratulations to Delaney Ballard, Mckenzie Ballard and Amanda Robinette! Thanks to my students and their hard work, I won top Female Teacher and Second overall the Teachers at the competition. What a Blessed and FUN Weekend!!!  - Christy Byers.



United States Pro / Am Scholarship Ballroom Dance Championship
September 21-22 2013 Galt House Louisville, KY

Top Studio –  1st Blair’s Ballroom Louisville, KY
                      2nd Continental Studio Louisville, KY
                      3rd Dance Quest Nashville, TN
                      4th J & K Studio St. Petersburg, FL

Top Student Competitor – Male
                      1st Delbert Duke KY 
                      2nd Art Walters TN  
                      3rd Joe Raske  IN 
Female –
                      1st Gail McKenzie FL

                      2nd Mary Ann Owsley KY          
                      3rd Inda Wangerin KY                        
                      4th Claude 
Dharamraj FL
                      5th Audrey Fuller FL
                      6th Velma Jenkins TN

Junior Male –  Lucas Gleitz KY
Junior Female-McKenzie Ballard KY
Amateur Couple – Lucas Gleitz & Amanda Robinette KY
Top Solo –Aki Nagakura Milonga, Theme – Gail McKenzie FL

5 Dance – Mary Ann Owsley 1st in Standard Smooth C&W Latin
3 Dance – Mary Ann Owsley 1st in Standard  C&W

Special Awards:            
                     Ambassador – Inda Wangerin & Andy Blair KY

                     Rose-Debbie Sullivan TN Apple-Denny Lennon TN
                     Mr. Gentleman-Lucas Gleitz  James O’Dell  Delbert Duke  David Craven
                     Miss Elegance – Amanda Robinette Delaney Ballard Mary Ann Owsley
                                   Inda Wangerin Mckenzie Ballard
  Christy Byers

Most Enthusiastic – Blair’s Ballroom, Chattanooga Dance Sport

Top Teacher – 1st Milan Marcis 3090
                        2nd Christy Byers 2405

                        3rd Andy Blair 1700
                        4th Denny Lennon 1480
                        5th Ken Rodriguez 1280

                        6th Judy Marcis 1275
                        7th Gene Kallenborn 960
                        8th Joe Morley 915

                        9th Dana Heitman 760
                        10th Jan Efferts 470